ESTÁ DE GRELO (Ropeadope – Gandula, 2021)


Audio CD in digisleeve format. 46′
Recorded and mixed by Javier Ortiz at Estudio Brazil in January and February 2021 Toño’s and Pablo’s voices were recorded by Ibán Pérez at Estudio Terraforma. Mastered by JJ Golden

‘Técnica’ written and sung by Toño R. Magariños
‘Póutega’ written and sung by Pablo Riveiro
Elena Vázquez: violin
Marcos Padrón: accordion
Rubén Abad: guitar and oud
Montse Piñeiro: visuals and design

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Trilitrate’s third full-length album, supported by the North American label Ropeadope (Snarky Puppy; Medeski, Martin & Wood; Eddie Palmieri…) and the Barcelona label Gandula (Za, Sara Fontán, Gambardella…).

Está de grelo surprises us with thirteen themes that open a new fissure to the contours of folk, classical and contemporary music, by which to enter a sonic paradise without limitations, where the channels of the different musical genres meet in an ocean of splendour, beauty and luminescence.


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The band

Trilitrate is an audiovisual project that integrates the sonic diversity of an acoustic trio with the real-time video creation by a multimedia artist…


Está de Grelo

In this new and exciting work, they delve into tones as far removed from the acoustic world as electronic or black metal, without abandoning their analog tools. They explore distant musical landscapes such as African or Ottoman and bring the baroque and impressionist experience into the 21st century; fearless and unwavering in the quest for new sounds, pushing boundaries never before crossed in this giant leap for the ensemble.